• Fire Electrical/Solar Access


    Using the latest technology, we safeguard lives and property.

  • In-House

    System Design


    In-house experts for timely, error-free fire alarm engineering plan design

  • Installation - Service - Inspections

    Fire Alarm/Sprinklers


    Your trusted source for in-house fire alarm engineering, installation, servicing, and inspections – ensuring safety without compromise
  • Smart

    Integrated Systems


    Seamless integration of fire alarm systems with Elevator, HVAC, Kitchen, CO2, and Smoke control systems for comprehensive safety

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    -Installation- -Service- -Monitoring- -inspections-
    -Installation- -Service- -Monitoring- -inspections-

    Project Design and Planning

    The process begins with designing a system that best suits the particular needs of your building.


    Trade Integration

    We work closely with your existing HVAC, Electrical, Elevator, and Fire Sprinkler contractors to ensure the delivery of a fully integrated system that not only meets but exceeds current codes and regulations.


    Rough Installation and Cabling

    Once your plans receive approval from the building department, we initiate the installation of all necessary cabling and devices before the walls and ceilings are closed up.


    Final Assembly and Integration

    During the final stage, following the completion of paint and finishing touches, we install our devices and equipment, program your system, conduct pretests, and schedule your final inspection.

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